AQWorlds sellItem Packets

There's no tutorial for this one because I don't know how to use these packets.
These packets are useful for your autoers or .spt files.

CLICK HERE to download the list.

%xt%zm%sellItem%190541%4762%2%1051062524% - Sell Unidentified 13
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%4771%13%1064287361% - Sell Diamond of Nulgath
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%6136%90%1050856922% - Sell Gem of Nulgath
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%4770%50%1060427436% - Sell Dark Crystal Shard
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%4769%49%1062072051% - Sell Tainted Gem
%xt%zm%sellItem%2%4861%1%1101572404% - Sell Voucher of Nulgath
%xt%zm%sellItem%4%1172%1%1101789224% - Sell Escherion's Helm
%xt%zm%sellItem%232642%157%1%1101784651% - Sell Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%sellItem%992%8940%86%1107753703% - Sell Treasure Chest
%xt%zm%sellItem%2%198%2%1119922131% - Sell Box Guardian Blade
%xt%zm%sellItem%262830%199%1%1119904296% - Sell Giant Protector Blade
%xt%zm%sellItem%232642%157%1%1101784651% - Sell Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%sellItem%92393%4708%1%1191123262% - Sell Cubes
%xt%zm%sellItem%183%9392%1%1196115791% - Sell This Might Be A Token
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%600%1%1170805044% - Sell Dwakel Bubble Helm
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%609%1%1170808447% - Sell Oculation Helm
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%615%1%1170809609% - Sell Battery Cell Pack
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%612%1%1170810811% - Sell Spy Bot
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%601%1%1170813249% - Sell Dwakel Sword