AQWorlds Tercessuinotlim Shortcuts Packets

Going to Tercessuinotlim in lazier way! I discovered this using Dark Mystic v0.20 when I got bored.

Dark Mystic v20 - DOWNLOAD

1.) Go to Citadel first.
2.) Then send %xt%zm%moveToCell%1%m22%Left%
3.) Then type /join  tercessuinotlim -XXXXX
4.) Now you can use the packets below.

Here are the packets:
%xt%zm%moveToCell%1%Boss2%Right% - Nulgath
%xt%zm%moveToCell%1%Swindle%Left% - Swindle
%xt%zm%moveToCell%1%m12%Left% - Polish
%xt%zm%moveToCell%1%Taro%Left% - Taro
%xt%zm%moveToCell%1%Twins%Left% - Twins
%xt%zm%moveToCell%1%m10C%Top% - Hidden Ninja

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